Taxation of housing and/or property

This information, relating to taxation on property, has been released in response to requests for information under the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act).




13 May 2015

When Deputy Governor Spencer indicated today that RBNZ would like to see taxation of capital gains on property/housing, had the Deputy Governor received any advice about the form such a tax should preferably take in New Zealand.
Does RBNZ have a view on this?
Please provide any written advice provided to the Governor or Deputy regarding possible forms of capital gains and/or wealth taxation in New Zealand.

13 May 2015

Copies of any material prepared, or distributed, in the Reserve Bank over the last 12 months on capital gains taxes, whether on houses or on other assets.  This request should encompass any analysis of capital gains taxes undertaken by Bank staff or consultants to the Bank, any academic articles distributed widely among analytical or policy staff, minutes of any policy committee meetings in which capital gains taxes were discussed.  It should also include any advice on capital gains taxes provided to the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Housing, Treasury, Inland Revenue, and/or the Bank's own Board.

13 May 2015

Any research, analysis, advise and correspondence created in the past six months regarding taxation or non-taxation of property investors