Background papers for March 2005 OCR decision

This information has been released in response to a request for information under the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act).

Response Letter 2 June 2015

1.      Alternative forecasts - MPC Paper March 2005 (PDF 125KB)

2.      Alternative forecasts presentation (March 2005) (PDF 58KB)

3.      Alternative scenario and uncertainty dept meeting Feb05 (PDF 230KB)

4.      Alternative Scenarios and Uncertainty Memo - March MPS 2005 (final) (PDF 137KB)

5.      Alternative Scenarios for MPC (PDF 113KB)

6.      At first glance - Dwelling consents January 2005 (PDF 48KB)

7.      At first glance - Dwelling consents, December 2004 (PDF 22KB)

8.      At first glance - wpip December 2004 (PDF 51KB)

9.      At First Glance Feb 05 Consensus Forecasts (PDF 30KB)

10.    Business investment forecast notes (March 2005 round) (PDF 42KB)

11.    Business Investment Slides March 2005 (PDF 66KB)

12.    Consumption forecast notes - March 2005 MPS (PDF 28KB)

13.    Domestic Chart pack March MPS round 2005 (PDF 573KB)

14.    Economic Projections for March 2005 MPS (PDF 203KB)

15.    Economic Projections presentation March 2005 MPS (PDF 157KB)

16.    Economic Projections under unchanged policy path, March 2004 MPS (PDF 49KB)

17.    Effective mortgage rates and OCR graph (PDF 24KB)

18.    Emails to MPC and or OCRAG for March MPS (PDF 127KB)

19.   File note for Board and OCRAG to reconcile changes between 1st-pass and published March 05 MPS projections (PDF 32KB)

20.    FINAL: Economic projections for March MPS (PDF 203KB)

21.    Financial Market Developments - Week 5 Paper March 2005 MPS (PDF 142KB)

22.    Forecasting notes External Sector March 2005.doc (PDF 35KB)

23.    GDP Forecasting Notes (PDF 22KB)

24.    Indicator chart - 28 February 2005 (PDF 22KB)

25.    Migration slides March 2005 (PDF 41KB)

26.    Near-term GDP forecasts (PDF 26KB)

27.    Near-term GDP slides (PDF 31KB)