Official Information requests

 Last updated:14 April 2022
Responses to Official Information requests are published in order to improve public transparency and provide an additional resource for anyone seeking information.

The Reserve Bank will publish responses to requests from regulated entities, industry bodies, and news media organisations. Responses to idiosyncratic requests from private individuals are unlikely to be published unless there is broad public interest in the subject matter. Publication will coincide with or follow soon after release to the requester. The Reserve Bank reserves the right to decide what responses it publishes and timing of publication.

2022 Published Responses

Date of Response Reference Number Subject matter
28 March OIA2122-097 RBNZ Reports #5897, #5903, #5889
17 March OIA2122-096 OCR’s effect on house prices; inflation and offshore supply disruptions
3 March OIA2122-094 Future of cash; central bank digital currency
25 February OIA2122-093 Carbon neutrality
18 February OIA2122-085 Insurers’ solvency margins
14 February OIA2122-088 RBNZ Briefing 5851/7
14 February OIA2122-083; OIA2122-086 Minutes of board meetings; RBNZ Report #5882
10 February OIA2122-092 RBNZ Memo 5886; RBNZ Aide Memoire 5893
10 February OIA21-079 Climate change risks
10 February OIA21-080; OIA21-081 Climate-related risks
8 February OIA21-074 RBNZ Briefing 5851/2, RBNZ Reports #5847, 5854, 5872
Date of Response Reference Number Subject matter
21 December OIA21-063 Māori dual title of RBNZ (PDF 3.8MB)
20 December OIA21-071 Gender pay gap at RBNZ (PDF 499KB)
16 December OIA21-072 Consultation documents relating to Reserve Bank reorganisation (Phase 1) (PDF 308KB)
16 December OIA21-069 Reserve Bank Reports 5820, 5843, 5840, 5873 (PDF 7.7MB)
30 November OIA21-070 Carbon neutrality and zero-carbon use (PDF 294KB)
15 November OIA21-064 RBNZ hiring data, new positions and job vacancies (PDF 813KB)
15 November OIA21-062 RBNZ staff secondments (PDF 314KB)
23 September OIA21-060 RBNZ Annual Reviews (PDF 440KB)
17 September OIA21-053 Reserve Bank Aide Memoire 5782: Monetary Policy Slides (PDF 7.4MB)
10 September OIA21-057 Reserve Bank Reports 5831 and 5832; Joint Tsy/RBNZ Report T2021/1506 (PDF 7.7MB)
3 September OIA21-052 Reserve Bank Report 5825 (PDF 735KB)
3 September OIA21-055
Coin replacement (Sovereign transition) (PDF 738KB)
Banknote design matters (Sovereign transition) (PDF 738KB)
3 September OIA21-050 Request for Reserve Bank reports 5789 and 5793 (PDF 2MB)
24 August OIA21-048 Request for Reserve Bank report 5789 (PDF 2MB)
19 August OIA21-047
Request for Reserve Bank reports 5814 and 5821 (PDF 9MB)
19 August
Request for Reserve Bank reports 5741, 5753, 5757, 5759, 5766 and 5772 (PDF 5MB)
12 August OIA21-045 Open market operations Reserve Bank purchases of NZ Government bonds (PDF 582KB)
12 August
OIA21-044 Reserve Bank involvement in the discontinuation of cheque services (PDF 417KB)
10 August
OIA21-043 Lobby refurbishment (PDF 495KB)
28 July OIA21-041 Health insurance sector data (PDF 1MB)
15 July OIA21-038 Inquiry into members of the Coinage Design Committee and the Bank Notes Design Committee (PDF 5MB)
8 July OIA21-036 Blocked Twitter account information (PDF 551KB)
8 July OIA21-031 Reserve Bank of New Zealand Letter to the Minister #5762: Letter from Regulated Finance Companies (PDF 757KB)
5 July OIA21-040 Correspondence between requester and General Council Nick McBride (PDF 4MB)
25 June OIA21-030 Reserve Bank lobby installation (PDF 7MB)
25 May OIA21-011 Correspondence and documents relating to new MPC remit (PDF 6MB)
14 May OIA21-029 Regional Banking Hubs Trial Handover (PDF 1MB)
14 May OIA21-026 Annual budget of the AML/CFT team (PDF 219KB)
13 May OIA21-024 Information relating to bank account number (PDF 148KB)
6 May OIA21-022 Documents related to Bank of China compliance under AML/CFT Act 2009 (PDF 603KB)
29 April OIA21-019
Reserve Bank OIA charging policy (PDF 401KB)
29 April
Aide Memoire to Minister of Finance on Capital Review implementation consultation (PDF 3MB)
22 April
Bank of China disclosure statement inquiry (PDF 241KB)
22 April

Bank of China customer service complaints (PDF 224KB)

21 April OIA21-017 Request for two reports to the Minister of Finance (PDF 4MB)
19 April OIA21-012
Research into negative OCR (PDF 810KB)
1 April
Comparative analysis of residential property asset class (PDF 158KB)
1 April OIA21-014
Advice to Minister of Finance on impacts of Monetary Policy and LVRs on first home buyers (PDF 225KB)
29 March
Report on Financial Market Infrastructures Bill (PDF 2MB)
26 March OIA21-013
Government Bonds purchased under LSAP programme (PDF 140KB)
8 March OIA21-004
Service Agreement and correspondence with Accellion (PDF 226KB)
8 March OIA21-003 Procurement of Accellion’s software (PDF 226KB)
8 March OIA21-002 Breaches of IT systems (PDF 222KB)
1 March OIA21-007 Inquiry regarding Westpac New Zealand (PDF 169KB)
25 February
Copy of Letter to the Minister of Finance (PDF 3MB)
25 February OIA21-006
Two Reserve Bank Reports (PDF 2MB)
5 February OIA21-001
Fiat Currency and Gold Reserves (PDF 585KB)
28 January OIA20-077 Discontinuation of cheque services (PDF 551KB)
Date of Response Reference Number Subject matter
20 December OIA19-101 Cost of Capital Review Focus Groups (PDF 210KB)
13 December OIA19-092 Governor's performance (PDF 2.9MB)
3 December OIA19-093 Contact Energy's Views and Submission on Capital Review (PDF 227KB)
2 December OIA19-094 Submission on the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill (PDF 1.41MB)
8 November  OIA19-083 Communications with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance on Fiscal Stimulus (PDF 1MB)
25 October OIA19-082 Focus groups of members of the New Zealand public (including but not restricted to 3 deliberate workshops) convened by the Reserve Bank or a third party service provider on the RB's behalf to consider the Reserve Bank's capital proposals 2019 (PDF 433 KB)
22 October OIA19-079 RBNZ’s participation in the ACAMS Conference October 2019 (PDF 539KB)
15 October OIA19-077 Two Reserve Bank reports to Minister: Feb 2019 Financial Systems Report and Protected Disclosures (PDF 349KB)
11 October OIA19-076 Three Reserve Bank Reports to Minister: Financial Systems Report, Solvency Standards, Life Insurance Conduct and Culture Review (1.24 MB)
11 October OIA19-074 Three Reserve Bank Reports to Minister: Cash Conversations, Proposal to Increase Bank Capital Briefing, CBL Insurance (PDF 1.9MB)
10 October OIA19-067 Official Development Assistance programme funding (PDF 133KB)
10 October OIA19-065 List of external speakers (PDF 223KB)
3 October OIA19-068 Three Reserve Bank Reports to Minister: Future of Cash Progress Report, Financial System Issues Meeting May 2019, Council of Financial Regulators - New Vision (PDF 2.4MB)
30 September OIA19-061 Four Reserve Bank Reports to Minister (PDF 1.3MB)
30 September OIA19-064 Reserve Bank report to Minister re ANZ Bank - Chief Executive Role (PDF 551KB)
27 September OIA19-058 Inflation Targeting Conference: List of Invitees and Acceptances ( PDF 252KB)
23 September OIA19-060 Four Reserve Bank Reports to Minister (PDF 1.79MB) 
18 September OIA19-059 Five Reserve Bank Reports to Minister (PDF 2.48MB)
17 September OIA19-066 Two Reserve Bank Reports to Minister (PDF 385KB)
12 September OIA19-071  Money and Gold (refer to OIA from 22 March 2019) (PDF 257KB)
9 September OIA19-057 Solvency Return for AMP Life and RBNZ's insurance licence (PDF 484KB)
6 September  OIA19-054 Closing or refusal of banks accounts and banking services (PDF 1.1MB)
28 August  OIA19-053 List of OIA responses April-June 2019 (PDF 324KB)
28 August  OIA19-049 Median cost of living in New Zealand (PDF 167KB)
26 August 
Reserve Bank Board Minutes of Meeting and Paper - November and December 2018 (PDF 305KB)
19 August  OIA19-045 Briefings from RBNZ to the Minister of Finance during his first 100 days (PDF 116KB)
15 August  OIA19-044 NZ Mortgages (PDF 540KB)
13 August    Valuation of 269 St Heliers Bay Road (PDF 359KB)
13 August    Banks and money creation (PDF 413KB)
12 August  OIA19-043 Copies of correspondence regarding AMP's life insurance business (PDF 453KB)
9 August    ANZ capital review submission with fewer redactions (PDF 4.7MB)
5 August    Impact of AML/CFT laws on money remitters (PDF 744KB)
5 August    Non-redacted ANZ & BNZ bank capital submissions (PDF 1.12MB)
1 August    New Zealand banks' return on equity (PDF 1MB)
1 August    Banks closing money remitter accounts (PDF 840KB)
31 July    Tower Insurance and EQC receivables (565 KB)
16 July    Unconventional monetary policy (169 KB)
16 July    Bank director attestation rules (329 KB)
14 July    Law relating to banknotes (429 KB)
12 July    MPC recruitment (PDF 5.9MB)
10 July    When RBNZ was informed of the investigation into former ANZ CEO's expenses (PDF 344 KB)
8 July    MOU with Māori Language Commission (PDF 807 KB)
8 July    ANZ compliance with capital requirements (PDF 273KB)
24 June    Two draft Ministerial letters (PDF 885 KB)
24 June    Presentation to NZ Initiative (PDF 641 KB)
8 May    Attendance at conference in Paris (PDF 229KB)
6 May    Money creation (PDF 100KB)
2 May    Communications between the Reserve Bank Governor and Minister of Finance – February/March 2019 (PDF 1.92 KB)
24 April    Māori cultural adviser (PDF 4.8MB)
8 April    Proposed bank capital requirements (PDF 756KB)
22 March    Money and Gold (PDF 511KB)
6 March    Correspondence with Minister of Finance on Capital Review Paper 4 (PDF 7MB)
4 March    Potential of Kiwibuild to 'crowd out' other residential construction (PDF 1.06MB)
4 March    Governor Adrian Orr's speaking engagements (PDF 664KB)
21 February  

Review of bank director attestation regime - cover letter (PDF 433KB)
Review of the bank directors' Attestation regime (PDF 532KB)

18 February    Advertising spending (PDF 156KB)
4 February    Applicants for MPC positions (PDF 656KB)
25 January    Background materials for the Capital Review proposals
21 December 2018 Financial System Roundups - October and November 2018 (PDF 1000KB)
12 December 2018 CBL Insurance review terms of reference (PDF 921KB)
26 November 2018 Leadership restructure staff consultation (PDF 2.29MB)
20 November 2018 Applicants for MPC Positions
6 November 2018 Governor's speech to Transparency International AGM
31 October 2018 Advice re: Report on Reserve Bank Act Review Phase 1
25 October 2018 Meeting with Ministers on bank branches (PDF 1MB)
18 October 2018 Access to payments systems
17 October 2018 Suitability assessments for senior appointments to banks (PDF 61KB)
9 October 2018 Report on Reserve Bank Act Review Phase 1
5 October 2018 Treasury official on Monetary Policy Committee
28 September 2018 Governor's address at INFINZ event August 2018 (PDF 781KB)
26 September 2018 Open Bank Resolution (OBR) (PDF 3MB)
17 September 2018 Use of specific external consultants
20 August 2018 RBNZ ownership and Coat of Arms
17 August 2018 Gender discrimination re lawyers
16 August 2018 State house funding in 1936
24 July 2018 Presentation to Institute of Directors
6 July 2018 Financial Market Infrastructures Bill
3 July 2018 Reserve Bank Act review (PDF 3.2MB)
2 July 2018 Thompson & Clark Investigations Ltd
21 June 2018 Board letter to Minister re phase 1 of RBNZ Act review
15 June 2018 Gifts policy
13 June 2018 Comment on banks lending horizons
11 June 2018 Gift register
7 June 2018 Advice re May 2018 OCR decision
1 June 2018 Investigations into listed entities (PDF 522KB)
11 May 2018 ESAS service delays
16 April 2018 CBL Insurance confidentiality orders
13 April 2018 RBNZ reports and memos to Minister of Finance since November 2017
6 April 2018 CBL share trading
3 April 2018 Board charter
22 March 2018 Money and gold (PDF 1MB)
16 February 2018 Governor recruitment
13 February 2018 Post-Monetary Policy Statement presentation
8 February 2018 OIA requests to Reserve Bank Board
18 January 2018 Review of policy decision process
17 October 2017 Governor Delegations
5 October 2017 Information on external meeting rooms
15 August 2017 Survey of Expectations data
15 August 2017 Report on NZSIM economic model
24 July 2017 Benchmarking the Bank's vision
30 June 2017  Policy Targets Agreement 2017
22 June 2017 Results from the insurer catastrophe risk survey
9 June 2017 Correspondence about economic commentary
24 May 2017 Birth certificate investment
15 May 2017 Rothschild involvement with the Reserve Bank
10 May 2017 Discussions on Policy Targets Agreement
13 April 2017 Risks to borrowers
28 March 2017 Governor appointment process
27 March 2017  Lawyers' trust funds and Open Bank Resolution 
17 March 2017 February 2017 OIA Report
20 February 2017 Bank responses on investor LVR consultation
20 February 2017 Discontinued currency
20 February 2017 Vehicle spending
20 February 2017 January 2017 OIA report
1 February 2017 Currency withdrawal
14 December 2016 Migration projections
17 October 2016 Advertising spending
3 October 2016 AMI catastrophe reinsurance
22 September 2016 Responses to consultation on publishing submissions (PDF 7.5MB)
5 September 2016 Responses to consultation on LVR changes
19 August 2016 Portraits of governors
11 August 2016 Impact of LVR restrictions
5 August 2016 Tower insurance licence conditions
3 August 2016 OCR leak investigation report
2 August 2016 Recruitment costs
11 July 2016 Open Bank Resolution regulations
5 July 2016 Staff engagement surveys
1 July 2016 Cost of cleaning contracts
1 July 2016 OCR-leak investigation
8 June 2016 Submissions consultation
11 May 2016  Investigation cost
5 May 2016 Dairy data
19 April 2016 NZ monetary base
13 April 2016 OCR advice to the Governor since 2013
24 March 2016 Reserve Bank governance (PDF 15MB)
26 February 2016 TPPA currency declaration
15 February 2016 Two responses: Charging for responses to OIA requests
28 January 2016 Submissions on the regulatory stocktake
22 January 2016
Information about banks closing money remitters’ accounts
7 December 2015 Correspondence about removing Queen from banknotes
17 November 2015
Formal reviews of or by the Reserve Bank
13 November 2015 Queen on series 7 banknotes
13 November 2015 Cost and objectives for Brighter Money advertising campaign
6 November 2015 Pay TV subscriptions
4 November 2015
8 October 2015 Information about previous NZ First requests
25 September 2015 Consultants/contractors and recruitment commissions
16 September 2015 Submissions on changes to LVR rules for Auckland investors
2 September 2015 Rural and dairy debt
25 August 2015 Governance Issues
19 August 2015 Developments in Global Dairy Markets and Outlook for WMP Prices
22 July 2015 Memo about 1990/91 Fiscal policy, monetary policy & monetary conditions
25 June 2015 Loan-to-value ratio (LVR) restrictions, proactively released, jointly with the Treasury
12 June 2015 Letters of Expectations from Minister to Governor
3 June 2015 Background papers for March 2005 OCR decision
13 May 2015 Taxation of housing and/or property
13 February 2015 Banknote design process
2 April 2014 Loan-to-value ratio (LVR) restrictions
19 April 2013 Advice on Open Bank Resolution and Deposit Insurance
12 May 2011 Canterbury earthquakes, released jointly with the Treasury
1 November 2010 South Canterbury Finance

Withheld material

Where information has been withheld from a response, the specific section of the Official Information Act that permits the Reserve Bank to withhold information is noted in the relevant documents.

The Reserve Bank Act, the Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act, and the Non-Bank Deposit Takers Act require us to keep some information confidential. Information will be withheld from release when these laws require confidentiality. This is typically information used by the Reserve Bank when regulating and supervising banks, insurers, finance companies, credit unions, building societies and similar organisations.

Charges for providing Official Information

The Official Information Act allows the Reserve Bank to charge for preparing information that we send in response to requests. When charging for responses to Official Information requests, the Reserve Bank works within the guidelines published by the Ministry of Justice - Official Information Act: Charging for Services. Charges are $38 per half hour of staff time after the first hour, and 20 cents per page for printed or copied material provided in response to a request, after the first 20 pages.

The Reserve Bank is resourced to meet disclosure obligations for a reasonable level of Official Information requests and generally will not impose charges for small, simple or infrequent requests. If requests are made for large amounts of information that require substantial collation and research, the Reserve Bank’s first step is to work with the requester to refine the request to a smaller scale or scope that is less likely to involve charges. Where request is still chargeable and likely to be expensive, we will give the requester further opportunity to refine the scope of the request and thereby reduce or eliminate charges.

Basis for charging

The cost of providing free responses to Official Information requests is generally borne by taxpayers. The Reserve Bank believes that requesters should bear some of the costs when requests are made for very large amounts of information, where a response to a request is particularly complex, or where individuals or organisations make very frequent requests.

Guidelines for charging

Charges will be imposed for responses when preparation of the response involves more than one hour of chargeable collation, research and preparation work. If the Reserve Bank decides that information requested can be made available, but that charges are appropriate, we will formally advise the requester of:

  • our decision to release the information,
  • the estimated amount of proposed charges,
  • the basis for proposed charges, and
  • the requester’s right to seek an Ombudsman’s review of the proposed charges.

Remission of charges

The need to pay charges may be modified or waived at the Reserve Bank’s discretion, if:

  • charges might cause financial hardship for the requester; or
  • releasing the information is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the Reserve Bank and its work, and release of the information is not primarily for the benefit or interest of the requester; or
  • if the information already in the public domain in a form which the requester could acquire without substantial cost.
A guide to how the Bank releases information
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A guide to how the Reserve Bank of New Zealand releases information including Monetary Policy Statements, Financial Stability Reports and associated media conferences, Official Cash Rate announcements, news releases, speeches, Official Information Act request responses, articles and research and statistics.