Whatever next? Export market choices of New Zealand firms

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Richard Fabling; Arthur Grimes; Lynda Sanderson
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Fabling, Richard, Arthur Grimes and Lynda Sanderson (2012). ‘Whatever next? Export market choices of New Zealand firms’, Papers in Regional Science, Volume 91(1), Pages 137-159, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1435-5957.2011.00380.x.
We examine product and market entry choices of New Zealand exporters, using an enterprise level dataset which links firm performance measures with detailed data on merchandise trade. We focus our enquiry not on the broad question of what determines a firm's ability to export, but on the subsequent question: given that a firm has the ability to export, what determines the choices they make about what and where to export? We simultaneously consider firm and market level determinants of export market entry. At the firm level we find that measures of general and specific prior trade experience play an important role in determining the firm's future export activities. That is, we find evidence of path dependence within firms. We also find evidence of path dependence across firms, with entry into new export relationships reflecting demonstration effects from the export activities of other firms in the local area. These results are robust to the inclusion of other determinants of exporting, including the macroeconomic performance of destination countries, exchange rate movements, and the past performance of the exporting firm.