Assessing the fit of small open economy DSGEs

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Troy Matheson
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Matheson, Troy (2010). ‘Assessing the fit of small open economy DSGEs’, Journal of Macroeconomics, Elsevier, Volume 32(3), Pages 906-920, DOI:

We describe a simple extension of the Monacelli (2005) small open economy model that incorporates a non-tradable good, habit persistence and price indexation. The empirical fit of eight different specifications of this model is then tested in a Bayesian framework using data for three small open economies: Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The results show that the model with a non-tradable good fits the data better than the one-good model across all specifications considered. In contrast to Rabanal and Rubio-Ramarez (2005), we find that adding price indexation to either the one- or two-good model deteriorates overall empirical fit.