Thematic Reviews

The Industry Insights and Thematics team was formed in April 2018 and is responsible for leading delivery of thematic reviews on risk, governance and compliance across the banking and insurance industries. The objective of thematic reviews is to assess risks to the industries that the RBNZ supervises and/or compliance with our regulations via both in-depth desktop analysis and on-site visits and interviews with financial institutions.

The output of these thematic reviews may result in:

  1. recommendations to industry to improve risk governance and management;
  2. input to future RBNZ policy development and reviews;
  3. more intensive supervisory engagement or action.

Active thematic reviews

  • Bank Liquidity Thematic Review

In March, the Reserve Bank announced that it would defer a significant portion of regulatory initiatives for an initial period of six months. This action was taken to reduce the regulatory impost on financial institutions and free up Reserve Bank and industry resources to support the economy and tackle the challenges created by COVID-19.

The bank liquidity thematic review (and subsequent review of the liquidity policy) have been deferred by 6 months. As the 6 month deferral has come to end the RBNZ aims to restart the review in October 2020 and to complete it by the end of the second quarter of 2021.

Completed thematic reviews