KPMG Terms and Conditions to access ACS report

Please read and understand the following terms and conditions, before opening the KPMG ACS (NZ) Limited report

KPMG Actuarial Pty Ltd ("KPMG") Terms and Conditions of Third Party Access to the ‘ACS (NZ) Limited - Examination of reserve uncertainty at 31 December 2011' dated 29 May 2012 ("the Report"):

  1. The scope of the work performed by KPMG was determined by, and the Report was prepared for, ACS and RBNZ in accordance with the terms of an engagement letter dated 11 May 2012 and under the direction of ACS and the RBNZ.
  2. You acknowledge that you are not a party to the engagement letter dated 11 May 2012 whereby KPMG has been engaged by ACS and the RBNZ and to report its findings to ACS and the RBNZ.
  3. You acknowledge that we are not aware of the terms, or the scope or purpose, of your request for the Report.

Accordingly, you acknowledge that you may not place reliance on the results and findings contained in the Report. KPMG, its executives, officers and employees shall not be liable for any losses, claims, expenses, actions, demands, damages, liabilities or any other proceedings arising out of any reliance by you on the Report.

  1. You undertake to maintain any and all information it obtains as a result of your access to the Report in the strictest confidence and will not disclose any such information or copies of such information to any third party without our prior written consent. Further, you undertake not to name KPMG in any report or document which will be publicly available without first receiving from us our written consent to the form and context of any such proposed reference made to KPMG.

I confirm my understanding of, and accept the terms and conditions, as set out above, in relation to accessing a copy of the KPMG ACS (NZ) Limited report .

Read the KPMG ACS (NZ) Limited report (PDF 584KB).