Cancelled licences

Licences may be cancelled for a number of reasons, as outlined in section 30 of the Act, such as an insurer ceasing to carry on insurance business due to a voluntary exit from the market. The register of cancelled licences reflects the legal company name recorded with the Companies Office at the time the licence was cancelled. Subsequent name changes, trading names or brands are not included.

Last updated: 4 February 2021

InsurerCancellation Effective Date
AIA International Limited08/07/2020
Allianz New Zealand Limited09/09/2013
AMI Insurance Limited14/12/2015
Ballance Agri-Nutrients Insurance Limited05/06/2015
Berkshire Hathaway International Insurance Limited14/06/2016
Carter Holt Harvey Insurance Limited28/06/2013
China Taiping Insurance (NZ) Co., Limited10/01/2017
Chubb Insurance Company of Australia Limited24/01/2017
Civic Financial Services Limited17/01/2017
Coalcorp Services Limited05/08/2015
Education Benevolent Society Incorporated31/12/2018
Equitable General Insurance Company Ltd16/07/2012
Ex Epi Limited18/07/2012
Farmers' Mutual Group23/03/2015
FM Insurance Company Limited17/07/2018
Fonterra Insurance Limited22/07/2013
Gordian Runoff Limited22/02/2017
Greenwich Life Insurance Company Limited01/04/2015
Lumley General Insurance (N.Z.) Limited14/12/2015
New Zealand Association of Credit Unions23/04/2013
NLG Insurance Ltd05/03/2012
OnePath Insurance Services (NZ) Limited10/12/2014
OnePath Life (NZ) Limited31/01/2020
Pacific Life Limited30/06/2016
Pinnacle Life Insurance Partnership11/07/2013
QBE Insurance (International) Limited16/02/2016
Ravensdown Fertiliser Insurance Company Limited19/02/2014
RGA Reinsurance Company23/07/2013
SCOR Global Life SE01/05/2019
SMI Exsacl Limited03/04/2014
South Pacific Warranty Services Limited11/06/2013
Southbury Insurance Limited30/08/2017
Southern Response Earthquake Services Limited13/06/2012
Sunderland Marine Insurance Company Limited01/11/2018
Swann Insurance (Aust) Pty Limited09/09/2013
Tatua Insurance Limited04/06/2013
The Hibernian Catholic Benefit Society10/04/2013
The National Mutual Life Association of Australasia Limited09/02/2017
TOWER Health & Life Limited26/08/2013
Youi NZ Pty Limited01/02/2020