Insurer data collections: Insurer Solvency Return and Insurer Solvency Exempt Return 2014

Release date

Status: Closed

Timing: Effective (as at date of reporting) from March 2015

On 18 February 2015 the Reserve Bank published an updated version of the Insurer Solvency Return and a new Insurer Solvency Exempt Return. Insurers were issued notices specifying the reporting requirements including frequency and effective date. The consultation and associated feedback were included in the early consultation of the insurer data collections, and are set out below:

28 November 2014

Summary of submissions and Reserve Bank assessment: Collection of New Zealand insurer data (PDF 106KB)

12 September 2014

10am to noon – Auckland meeting for feedback

27 August 2014

Consultation paper: Collection of New Zealand insurer data (PDF 126KB)

Insurer Return (IR): draft form (PDF 305KB)

Quarterly Insurer Survey (QIS): draft form (PDF 234KB)

Insurer Solvency Return (ISR): draft form (PDF 161KB)

Insurer Solvency Exempt Return (ISER): draft form (PDF 67KB)