Banking oversight archive

 This information is archived and may not be current.

This page provides archived reports on banking sector regulation and supervision. Not all of the information on this page is currently valid.

Sector review 2004-2007: This page provides information on a broad-based review of the financial sector regulatory framework in New Zealand undertaken by officials. This review led to the decision that the Reserve Bank would be the sole prudential regulator of financial sector institutions in New Zealand.

Review of the regulation and performance of New Zealand's major financial institutions: This report, undertaken by a joint working group of officials, was submitted to the Minister of Finance in February 2005. The report reviews the regulation of major financial institutions in New Zealand.

New Zealand's financial sector regulation (PDF 245KB) by Geof Mortlock: This article provides a summary of the regulatory framework in the New Zealand financial sector as applied in 2003. This was published in the Reserve Bank Bulletin in December 2003.

Financial system regulation in New Zealand: This overview paper discusses the Reserve Bank's role in the regulation of the financial system as applied in 2003 (released on 25 July 2003).

Core principles for effective banking supervision: an assessment of New Zealand's position (PDF 55KB): An account is given of how New Zealand's banking supervision policies and practices aligned with the ‘core principles' for banking supervision in 1998. This was published in the Reserve Bank Bulletin in September 1998).

The review of bank supervision arrangements in New Zealand : the main elements of the debate: An account of the review of the banking supervision regime undertaken over the period 1991 -1994.