Disclosure Requirements

This page presents the disclosure requirements for registered banks, and supporting information.

Disclosure requirements for registered banks are set by Orders in Council made under Section 81 of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989. From time to time the principal Orders may be revised by amending Orders, or otherwise may be revoked and replaced by new principal Orders.

All disclosure Orders in Council made before 28 October 2021 are published in the New Zealand Gazette. Disclosure Orders in Council made on or after 28 October 2021 are published on this page, under the Legislation Act 2019. These are the official versions of the Orders in Council.

To help users of the Orders, we maintain working copies of the Orders in Council, updating each principal Order with changes made by any subsequent amending Orders. These working copies are published on this webpage for convenience only, and do not constitute an official publication. While we take care to ensure their accuracy, we take no responsibility for any error in, or omission from, these working copies of the Orders in Council.

The front page of each working copy lists the details of the principal Order and all amending Orders that are included in the working copy.

For non-technical information about bank disclosure requirements, see our registered banks disclosure regime page

Working copies of disclosure Orders in Council Starting from*:
Registered Bank Disclosure Statements (New Zealand Incorporated Registered Banks) Order 2014 (as amended) (PDF 1MB) December 2021
Registered Bank Disclosure Statements (Overseas Incorporated Registered Banks) Order 2014 (as amended) (PDF 872KB) December 2021

* This column show the in-force date of the most recent Order in Council incorporated into the working copy.

List of documents "Incorporated by Reference" in the OICs

List of quasi-sovereign agencies and supranationals for the OICs (PDF 92KB)

Registered Bank Disclosure Regime: Explanatory Information on Orders in Council (BS7A) (PDF 679KB)

BS7A provides guidance on some general aspects of our disclosure requirements, to assist banks in preparing and publishing their disclosure statements.