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Statements of Intent and Performance Expectations 2022 

Our Statement of Intent (SoI) and Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE) outlines our strategic intentions and how we measure and monitor our performance.

Who we are

We are kaitiaki (guardians) of New Zealand’s financial system, working to enable economic wellbeing and prosperity for all New Zealanders — Toitū te Ōhanga, Toitū te Oranga.

We have 3 key objectives

Economic objectives  — achieving and maintaining stability in the general level of prices over the medium term and supporting maximum sustainable employment.

Financial stability objective  — protecting and promoting the stability of New Zealand’s financial system.

Bank icon

Central bank objective — acting as New Zealand’s central bank, managing foreign reserves, meeting the cash needs of the public, providing liquidity facilities, providing and operating payment and settlement systems for New Zealand’s financial institutions, and liaising and cooperating with other central banks and relevant institutions.

Find out more about our purpose, vision and values

Tāne Mahuta

Tāne Mahuta represents the interconnected parts of the financial system and our role as kaitiaki.


Ngā Pūtake


Represents our legislation and balance sheet.

Te Tariwai

Vascular system

Represents the payment and settlement systems.

Te Toto


Represents money, cash and foreign reserves.


Ngā Pekanga

Branches and leaves

Represents the regulated entities— banks, insurers and non-bank deposit takers.



Reflects our role as guardians of New Zealand's financial system.

Tāne Mahuta and our financial system