Social Media Policy

Executive summary

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand are active across a number of the major social media platforms. We use them to inform, educate, and engage with all New Zealanders. This policy provides guidelines, terms of use, and community standards for content publishing and user interaction on our pages.

Our social media pages:

Community management

Our social media pages are managed and monitored by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand's  Communications team. We keep our followers informed of what is happening at the Bank through timely publishing of our key financial releases, including MPS (Monetary Policy Statement), OCR (Official Cash Rate), and FSR (Financial Stability Report). We also publish economic research, job vacancies, and educational content to increase New Zealand’s knowledge of central banking. We aim to present information in a clear, straightforward, and relatable manner.

Community guidelines

We welcome discussion on our social media pages, however, we do actively monitor posts and comments to ensure conversations are free of profanity. Any comments or posts that contain derogatory language, hate speech, or obscenity will be deleted. If derogatory content is repeatedly posted, you may be banned from the page.

We will remain politically neutral and be transparent when presenting information to the public and our stakeholders. We aim to reply to comments and questions in a timely manner (12-24 hours).

Any posts or comments made by individuals on our pages are their own views and not the views of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Likes, comments, shares, or retweets from any Reserve Bank social media account is not an endorsement of the information.

When active on our social media pages, you are expected to comply with the terms of service for each platform.

Privacy / security

All our social media accounts are verified to ensure our followers know they are receiving the correct information from the Bank. Any fake accounts will be reported to the relevant social network provider and access removed.

To protect your own privacy, please don’t share any personal or sensitive information on the Reserve Bank social media pages. For your own security, if we see this kind of information we will delete it immediately.

Complaints / feedback

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand's  social media pages are not a place to make complaints about individuals, commercial banks, or any other financial institutions. If you have any concerns or want to pass on feedback, please contact us at