T. P. Hanna

Chief Cashier 1940-1953
T. P. Hanna

T. P. Hanna was born and educated in Palmerston North and commenced his career with the Bank of Australasia, where he worked both here in New Zealand and in Australia.

In 1934, he joined the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and was responsible for setting up the Chief Cashier's Department. The main functions of the Chief Cashier's Department were the provision of banking services for the Government, acting as banker to the trading banks and management of the currency operations of the Bank. On the introduction of exchange control in 1938, he directed its integration into the Chief Cashier's Department.

Mr Hanna's signature appeared on the first permanent issue of Reserve Bank notes in 1940, which replaced the temporary issue of 1934 bearing Mr Lefeaux's signature.

Mr Hanna held the position of Chief Cashier for 19 years. On his retirement in 1953, he was appointed to the Board of Directors, a position he held for five years. Mr Hanna passed away on 12 March 1978.