Graeme Wheeler

Governor 2012-2017
Mr Graeme Wheller

Graeme Wheeler was appointed Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand in September 2012.

Mr Wheeler was employed at the World Bank from 1997 until 2010. During this time, his roles included managing director operations (2006-2010), and vice-president and treasurer (2001-2006).

In his role as Managing Director, Mr Wheeler led the World Bank's interactions with the IMF on the Global Financial Crisis, and represented the World Bank at the G8, G20, Development Committee, International Monetary and Financial Committee, and Financial Stability Forum.

During his time with the World Bank, he was also awarded the World Bank Staff Association Good Manager Award for his leadership.

Previously, Mr Wheeler worked at the New Zealand Treasury as deputy secretary and treasurer of the Debt Management Office (1993-1997).

He also ran his own advisory business in the United States from 2010.