Signatories on Reserve Bank of New Zealand banknotes

New Zealand's banknotes have been signed by the Governor of the Reserve Bank, or by the Chief Cashier, a post that existed until the early 1980s.  Thirteen different people have signed bank notes in New Zealand.
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Mr Leslie Lefeaux
Governor 1934-1940
T. P. Hanna
Chief Cashier 1940-1953
Mr Gilbert Wilson
Chief Cashier 1953-1956
R. N. Fleming
Chief Cashier 1956-1967
Mr Dick L Wilks
Chief Cashier 1967-1973
Chief Cashier 1973-1977
H. R. Hardie
Chief Cashier 1977-1984
Sir Spencer Russell
Governor 1984-1988
Dr Donald T Brash
Governor 1988-2002
Dr Alan Bollard
Governor 2002-2012
Mr Graeme Wheller
Governor 2012-2017
Grant Spencer
Governor Oct 2017 - Mar 2018
Adrian Orr
Governor March 2018-present