How we use cash

Although it’s commonly believed that cash is used less in today’s world, the actual amount and value of cash in circulation continues to grow year on year. New Zealand is not in a unique position as this same trend is observed all over the world with few exceptions.

The Bank is reviewing New Zealanders’ cash needs to ensure that how cash is managed in New Zealand will be suitable for the future. Understanding what cash is used for, and how it is used, is central to this review.

To support this review, the Bank will conduct a sample public survey, consult with a broad range of stakeholders and work with other interested parties such as banks, technology providers, retailers, and other central banks.

About the survey

Research New Zealand, on behalf of the Reserve Bank, is surveying a random sample of 6,400 people in New Zealand to get better insight into how we use cash in New Zealand. Data for the sample has been drawn from the New Zealand electoral roll.

If you have been selected for this survey, we thank you for your time and effort answering the questions. By answering, you are helping the Bank make appropriate decisions about how we will store and move cash around in the future.

The survey starts on 21 August 2017 and runs for nine weeks, closing on 30 October 2017. Survey participants will have the option to complete the survey online or by paper-based mailout.

Unless you receive an electronic or paper copy from Research NZ, please do not fill in the survey – we are providing it below for information purposes only.

We intend to publish a summary of results on our website during 2018.

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