Armistice day coin rolls into circulation

Release date
01 October 2018

From today, instead of receiving the usual 50 cent coin in your change, you may be lucky enough to receive a brand new Armistice Day coin of the same value.

Armistice Day coin - front side

The new coin is a legal tender, coloured, circulating 50c coin to remember the sacrifices made by service personnel and their families to bring peace to New Zealand and the world. You can spend it, or keep it to remember.

Two million of these coins have been minted. The standout feature of the Armistice Day coin is the use of colour – a striking red, green and white – that highlights the poppy and remembrance wreath.

As with all new currency the Reserve Bank issues, a public awareness campaign has started to inform the public the new coin is legal tender, so can be exchanged for goods and services just like New Zealand’s other coins.

To bring the coin’s features and the story of Armistice to life, a free augmented reality app has been created for iOS (Apple) and Android devices. Scan the QR code with your mobile (just use your camera in iOS) and you’ll automatically be taken to your app store to start the download. The app uses tracking so when you point your phone at an Armistice Day coin (or a picture of one) video and other interactive content will appear for you to explore.

Coins are still available for purchase through NZ Post website.

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