New data on the financial health of banks published

Release date
24 August 2018

New data on the financial health of New Zealand registered banks was published on the Bank Financial Strength Dashboard today.


This is the first quarterly update of key metrics on banks since the Dashboard was launched in May 2018. 


An interactive, online tool, the Dashboard makes it easy for customers and investors to compare banks on a range of financial information, such as how much capital they have in reserve, whether they are taking risks by concentrating lending too much on any single area, and non-performing loans.The aim is to improve the public understanding of banks, and increase incentives for banks to operate soundly. 


Two technical improvements have been made to the Dashboard which allow users to more easily share charts, and identify and select which banks they wish to compare.  


These improvements are based on user feedback and demonstrate the Reserve Bank’s ongoing commitment to enhance the user friendliness of the Dashboard.


The next quarterly update is scheduled for 26 November.


Check out the Bank Financial Strength Dashboard.  


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