New edition of 'Upside downside: a guide to risk for savers and investors'

Release date
13 April 2017

The Reserve Bank today released a new edition of its popular guide to managing the risks involved in saving and investing.

‘Upside, downside: A guide to risk for savers and investors’ was commissioned by the Reserve Bank and written by investment commentator Mary Holm for ordinary New Zealanders.

Since original publication in 2012 the guide has received two significant revisions to take account of changing KiwiSaver rules and other developments.

“I’m delighted to be able to bring this book up to date for 2017 and beyond, and hope the updated version proves as useful for a wide range of New Zealanders as its predecessors,” Mary Holm said.

‘Upside, Downside: a guide to risk for savers and investors’ (PDF 2.0 MB) is available free of charge, only as a downloadable PDF from the Reserve Bank website. 

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