Reserve Bank to publish consultation responses

Release date
22 September 2016

The Reserve Bank today published a summary of the feedback received in its recent consultation about whether to routinely publish individual responses to public and industry consultations.

Until now, the Reserve Bank has published anonymised summaries of responses alongside any final policy decisions that result from consultation.

After considering feedback on this issue, the Reserve Bank has decided to implement a policy of publishing individual responses to a consultation, when consent to do so is granted by respondents. This new policy takes effect immediately. The Reserve Bank believes this change will enhance the transparency of the policy-making process.

All feedback received during consultations is potentially subject to release if requested under the terms of the Official Information Act 1982 (an OIA request). However, release may be restricted by confidentiality provisions in the three primary Acts that the Reserve Bank administers that require prudential information about an entity regulated by the Reserve Bank to be withheld. Specific consent by respondents may permit some prudential material to be published by the Reserve Bank or released in response to an OIA request.

More information: Summary of Submissions (Publication of Submissions) (PDF 100KB)

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