Brighter Money ($5s and $10s) coming from 12 October

Release date
21 September 2015

The Reserve Bank today announced the first release of new $5 and $10 notes will take place on Monday 12 October. From that day, new notes will start to be released from banks and retailers.

Expect to see more of them in the lead up to Christmas, as larger numbers of the new notes come into circulation and start being moved from wallet to cash register and back again.

The current notes (Series 6) and the new notes (Series 7) will circulate together and both will be legal tender.

The remaining denominations of the new series ($20, $50 and $100) will be released from April 2016.

The new banknotes are the same sizes and denominations as the current banknotes, and continue to be made of flexible polymer. While the banknotes are brighter, bolder, and clearer, the themes of the notes remain the same, with the same respected New Zealanders, the Queen and flora and fauna remaining central to the designs.

All five denominations in the new banknotes carry the same security features that will help New Zealanders verify them with ease, and help to ensure that counterfeiting levels in New Zealand remain very low.

Find out about the features of our new banknotes by taking the $5 and $10 for a spin at

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