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What to do with a suspicious banknote

This page explains what to do if you are given a banknote you think might be fake.

If you haven't accepted the banknote yet

  1. Check the banknote's security features. The three quick ways are look, feel and tilt.

    See Security features of New Zealand's banknotes for guidance

  2. Politely refuse to accept it. Under no circumstances should you take actions that may jeopardise your safety or that of others.
  3. Report to the Police that someone potentially tried to pass a counterfeit banknote.

When you have already received the banknote/s

  1. Avoid handling the banknote so the Police can try to trace the counterfeiter.
  2. Store the note safely but avoid handling the banknote as much as possible. Write down all relevant details such as date, time and where you received it, car registration number and whether you have CCTV.
  3. Give the banknote/s to Police with these details as soon as possible.

If you are cash handler

  1. Make sure you know your company’s procedures for handling suspect and counterfeit banknotes.
  2. Check all the banknotes you have received.
  3. If you suspect a banknote may be counterfeit, compare it with a genuine one. Use our guidance (see related links) for how to spot a counterfeit if you need help.
  4. Make sure you know the security features of the previous polymer banknotes.

Download Dealing with a suspicious banknote as a one-page factsheet (PDF 319 KB)