NZClear New Zealand securities search

The NZClear Securities search provides members with a database of all securities (Debt and Equity) within the NZClear system. Members have the ability within the webpage to either search the securities database and view the results, or download a comma-delimited CSV file that contains the information.

 Important Note: As soon as the PSR Replacement programme of work is complete, this page will allow for a CSV download. The file will be updated every business day at 9:30am NZT. The search functionality will be removed.

Read more about the PSR Replacement project.

To view a full list of NZClear Securities, leave the criteria fields blank and hit Search.

If you would prefer, you can download the full securities list in CSV format. This list is updated every business day shortly after 9.30am.

Notes on searching

You can add terms in more than one box. The resulting search will only find results that meet ALL criteria.
For example, Security Type = 'Debt' and Security ID = 'ABC' will return all security listings that have BOTH a type of Debt and an ID containing ABC.

Search criteria are not case sensitive, that is, 'ABC' is the same as 'abc'.

If you have any queries regarding these NZClear Securities pages, please do not hesitate to contact the RTGSHelpdesk by telephoning +64 4 471 3918 or emailing

(e.g. New Zealand Government-bonds)
(e.g. debt, equity)
(e.g. GB0319)
(e.g. NZGOVDT319C0)