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New bank deposits data to be published

Tomorrow (21 December), Te Pūtea Matua - the Reserve Bank of New Zealand will publish new statistics from the monthly Bank Balance Sheet Survey, making more data available to all users on our website.

The Bank Balance Sheet Survey collects data from registered banks on their Balance Sheet and in particular loans and deposits.

This data will add to the wide range of information that is available to support the analysis of the New Zealand financial system. 

The new statistical tables are as follows:

S42 Deposits by repricing:

Deposits will be published in buckets according to when the deposit is due to mature or be repriced i.e. when the interest rate is reset.

S45 Deposits by size (value) and S46 Deposits by size (number): 

Deposits will be published in buckets based on the value and number of deposit accounts. Deposits are not by customer as will be explained in a technical note.

We will also publish insights, a technical note and series descriptions with the published tables. Our Bank Balance Sheet Procedures and Definitions document is already published on our website (Bank balance sheet survey - Reserve Bank of New Zealand - Te Pūtea Matua (

Publication date: 21 December 2023
Frequency: Monthly

If you have any queries or comments, or ideas for data that you would find useful, please contact us at [email protected].