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Expanding range of loan-to-valuation data available (C30)

From today Monday 26 July, we will publish new breakdowns for residential mortgage lending by loan-to-valuation (LVR) ratios in the C30 web table.

New residential mortgage lending by loan-to-valuation ratio (LVR) (C30)

The main change is to provide the value of new commitments before exemptions – and the corresponding exemption amounts – for more LVR thresholds:

  • LVR above 60%
  • LVR above 70%
  • LVR above 80%.

These breakdowns are now available for both the new commitments with investment property collateral; and without investment property collateral. Previously, we only published data above and below the relevant compliance thresholds.

The historical data file has been amended into a single excel file for simplicity, with longer time series where applicable, and also includes series for the lending amounts below the LVR thresholds.

The greater range of data for LVR thresholds enables more series on the percentage shares of total lending. These series will all be available in the C30 excel data file, rather than the summary web table.