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Latest statistics update

Ceasing bank customer lending metrics

In July 2020, we began publishing weekly data on a range of bank customer lending metrics, including mortgage deferrals and business loan restructures (tables C65 and C66). This data is sourced from a weekly survey introduced to understand the impact of covid-19 and associated policy initiatives on households, businesses, and banks.

Bank customer lending flows (C65)

Bank customer lending stocks (C66)

We have reviewed the need for this weekly data and decided to discontinue the survey and associated web tables. The mortgage deferral scheme came to a close at the end of March, while loan restructures have fallen away substantially in recent months.

The final publication of C65 (bank customer lending flows) and C66 (bank customer lending stocks) will be on Tuesday 13 April, and will include data for the week ended 2 April 2021.

We will continue to closely monitor banking sector data through established and robust monthly collections. This includes bank balance sheet survey asset quality information, in which we continue to track mortgage deferrals and hardship claims.

Resuming insurance statistics

We have updated our release calendar to reinstate insurance financial statistics, which were delayed following the data breach as advised earlier this year. The new publication date for December 2020 quarter insurance statistics will be Monday 24 May. This will include:

  • J10: Insurance income statement; and
  • J20: Insurance balance sheet.