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Latest statistics update

Update to RBNZ release calendar

The RBNZ has further updated our statistics release calendar to reinstate a wide range of publications throughout this month. During March we will be catching up on the remaining December month banking statistics. We will also return towards our normal schedule for banking and other financial data by adding in several publications of January and February month data.

Please note that we have not yet included the Bank Financial Strength Dashboard in our new publication schedule. We expect to include the Dashboard in our next update and are targeting publication within the first two weeks of April. Other statistics expected in April include bank income statements and insurance financial data.

We thank all data users for your patience and understanding as we work through the process of reinstating our statistics publications and apologise for any inconvenience the delays have caused.

Survey Reference period Series Original date New publication date
Liquidity December-20 L1-L3 5-February-21 5-March-21
Managed Funds December-20 T40-T48 18-February-21 9-March-21
LVR – Positions (quarterly) December-20 C35 (also C32 part update) 29-January-21 10-March-21
RBNZ February-21 R1-R3 12-March-21 12 March 2021 **
Retail interest rates January 2021 & February 2021 B3 5 February 2021 & 5 March 2021 16-March-21
Retail interest rates December 2020 & January 2021 B6 5 February 2021 & 5 March 2021 16-March-21
Retail interest rates January 2021 & February 2021 B20-B21, B25-B27 5 February 2021 & 5 March 2021 16-March-21
Credit card December 2020 & January 2021 C12-C13 26 January 2021 & 22 February 2021 16-March-21
LVR – New commitments January-21 C30-C32 25-February-21 17-March-21
Bank Balance sheet January-21 C5, C50-C52, S10, S30-S34, S40-S41 26-February-21 19-March-21
Credit card February-21 C12-C13 19-March-21 23-March-21
LVR – New commitments February-21 C30-C32 24-March-21 24 March 2021 **
Liquidity January-21 L1-L3 4-March-21 26-March-21
Bank Customer Lending Metrics January -21 & to most recent week available C65-C66 Weekly from 8-January-21 29-March-21
Bank Balance sheet February-21 C5, C50-C52, S10, S30-S34, S40-S41 31-March-21 31 March 2021 **
DTI December-20 C40-C41 18-February-21 31-March-21

** Original publication schedule maintained

RBNZ website update

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