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Statistics Update: New bank liquidity statistics released

The Reserve Bank today released a new suite of statistics on the aggregated funding and liquidity position of locally incorporated banks.

Locally incorporated banks are required to comply with the Reserve Bank's Liquidity Policy, which includes specified minimum ratios for expected cash flows and for ‘core' funding.

This policy is intended to promote the smooth functioning of the financial system by reducing the likelihood of liquidity problems affecting a registered bank.

A requirement of the Reserve Bank's Liquidity Policy is that banks must submit monthly reports to the Reserve Bank. These reports cover compliance with the minimum ratios, a breakdown of liquid assets held, comprehensive data on cash inflows and outflows broken down by maturity, details of new funding raised over the latest month, and the cost of that funding. These reports are the source of the summary results now being presented on an industry-wide basis.

The Reserve Bank will publish these summary results monthly, on the dates specified in the Advanced release calendar.

The Reserve Bank's Liquidity Policy can be found here: Liquidity Policy (BS13)

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