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Reserve Bank Financial Markets Statement - July 2024

This Financial Markets Statement confirms the pricing of the Reserve Bank’s standing facilities and ESAS accounts.

Pricing is as follows (effective 11 July 2024): 

  • ESAS balances – cash that ESAS account holders have on deposit at the Reserve Bank in their ESAS accounts will be remunerated at the Official Cash Rate (OCR), currently 5.50 percent.
  • Bond Lending Facility – bonds lent through the Bond Lending Facility will be lent at the OCR less 25 basis points.
  • Overnight Reverse Repo Facility – cash will be lent via the Overnight Reverse Repo Facility at the Overnight Reverse Repo Rate which is OCR plus 25 basis points.
  • Standing Repurchase Facility – cash deposited through the Standing Repurchase Facility will be remunerated at the OCR less 10 basis points.

Full details of our liquidity facilities including applicable haircuts for eligible securities, eligibility criteria and operational guidelines are available on the Domestic Markets page. 

More information

Domestic markets

July 2024 Monetary Policy Review

For further information contact

Andrew Turner
Acting Director of Financial Markets
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Dean Hill
Senior Manager, Financial Markets
Email: [email protected]

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James Weir
Senior Adviser External Stakeholders
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