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Reserve Bank to commence NZ Government April 2023 nominal bond repurchase programme

As is usual ahead of a government bond maturity, the Reserve Bank will assume responsibility from New Zealand Debt Management to repurchase NZ government bonds maturing 15 April 2023 for liquidity management purposes and to support the efficient functioning of the New Zealand bond market. Purchases will either be held to maturity on the Bank's balance sheet, or on-sold to New Zealand Debt Management (where the bonds will be cancelled).

This repurchase programme relates to our standard liquidity management operations, and has no implications for the Reserve Bank’s stance on monetary policy.

NZ government bonds maturing 15 April 2023 - Offer details:

This offer opens at 10:00am on 17 October 2022 and will remain open until further notice. Interested parties who are registered to trade with Reserve Bank should telephone their offers, volume and rate, to the Portfolio Management team on (04) 472 0074 / (04) 472 0075, between the hours of 10:00am to 12:00pm and 2:00pm to 4:00pm daily.

Preferred settlement dates will be determined by projected liquidity flows. Transactions will be priced using the yield to maturity discount (T-bill) formula.

This operation is being undertaken to manage near term liquidity flows and to assist in the efficient functioning of New Zealand debt markets.

For further information contact:

Vanessa Rayner
Director of Financial Markets
[email protected]

Dean Hill
Senior Manager, Financial Markets
[email protected]

Media contact:

Oliver Bates
Manager, External Stakeholders
+64 4 474 8627
[email protected]