Ryan Malin-Curry

Summer Intern

Why I chose to apply for a RBNZ summer internship

The bank is a one of the top institutions in New Zealand for economic policy. Majoring in Economics and Public Policy I felt that working at the bank would be a great opportunity to test the skills that I have learnt. I also felt the people I would meet at the bank would provide invaluable advice to help me pursue a rewarding career after my studies.

What work I’ve been doing as a summer intern

Over the summer I’ve been looking on the impact of the Open Bank Resolution (OBR) for deposit holders and comparing some of the models for banks who use an internal rating based (IRB) approach to calculate their regulatory capital. 

What else I’ve been involved in at the Bank

At the bank there I’ve had plenty of opportunities to sit in on meetings and committees to learn about policy and processes that are going on in the bank. I also helped with the interns’ entry for the gingerbread house competition.

This summer has been memorable because

The first thing you realise when you join the bank as an intern is the people. Everyone you work with at the bank is welcoming and always willing to help you. Nothing leaves more of an impression than on your first day being invited to sit in on a Financial System Oversight (FSO) committee meeting. For me it was the perfect way to learn about what was going on at the bank and what my team was currently working on.

Why I would recommend the internship to others

There are two key things I have taken away from an internship at the bank and why I would recommend the role to anyone interested. The first is the challenge of the work. Being at the face of policy I have been challenged to learn on the job and expand my skills to produce a report that will hopefully help the bank in future. The second thing is the people, both the intern cohort and the team you are assigned to are amazing and have certainly made my internship at the bank unforgettable.