Rebecca Newman

Summer Intern
Financial Markets
Rebecca Newman

Team: Balance Sheet Design

University: Victoria University of Wellington

Studying: Economics, Environmental Studies and Geography (returning for Masters in Economics)

Why I chose to apply for a RBNZ summer internship

I have wanted to work at RBNZ since I started studying economics in high school. I was attracted to the Reserve Bank as it has a history of being an innovative and leading central bank. The initial drawcard was to the Economics department, as I am interested in the complexity of monetary policy decision-making. Yet since working in Financial Markets I have an increased appreciation for the design and implementation of policy, especially in an unconventional monetary policy setting.

What work I’ve been doing as a summer intern

During the summer I worked in the Balance Sheet Design team (based in FMD). My project in this team was to conduct research and present options for how the Bank could incorporate climate change considerations into our balance sheet management practices. This was extremely interesting work, as it is an emerging area of thought leadership, with high associated complexities. I felt that the work I was doing was of value to the Bank’s wider strategy and has the potential to contribute to a new way of thinking within FMD.

What else I’ve been involved in at the Bank

Outside of my project, I have been engaged with multiple different people and work at the Bank. I have sat on the internal climate change working group, getting involved in cross-department discussions about RBNZ’s role in sustainable finance and a low-carbon transition. Additionally, I have had discussions and catch-ups with people from all most every department in the Bank to help broaden my understanding of the diverse roles RBNZ plays in the economy and financial sector.

This summer has been memorable because

This summer has mostly be memorable because of the great connections I have made with my colleagues. My team has not only taught me a lot intellectually, but been so much fun. This sentiment can also span to include many people in the wider department, Bank, and our intern cohort.

It has also had a lasting impact on me, as the role has shaped what I see as my educational and career aspirations moving forward. It has opened my eyes to many opportunities that I didn’t know existed.

Why I would recommend the internship to others

  1. You will learn so much, and come out wanting to learn more
  2. You will get a great support network who can help you understand what your interests are, and how to achieve your goals
  3. You will make really awesome friends!