Rachael Grant

Summer Intern
Rachael Grant

Team: Enforcement

University: Otago

Studying: Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Economics), Masters in Economics 2021

Why I chose to apply for a RBNZ summer internship

I chose to apply for the RBNZ internship because I have wanted to work at the Bank since I was 16. In high school I participated in the Monetary Policy Challenge held by the Bank and ever since my career aspiration has been to be an economist here. Also I just love economics so I applied for the internship and Bob’s your uncle, here I am.

What work I’ve been doing as a summer intern

This summer I have been working on a few enforcement cases and my project. For my project I have been analysing some jurisdictions’ Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism legislation. I have been doing this so I can see if there are any legislative gaps in regard to regulating virtual assets (eg Bitcoin).

What else I’ve been involved in at the Bank

I was also fortunate enough to be brought in to help my manager work on aspects of the data breach response.

I have also had the opportunity to attend numerous meetings which allowed me to see other aspects of the Bank and how everything works together. There’s also been numerous social engagements (including quiz nights, and trips away for the weekend), which really highlighted the work/life balance the Bank is known for.

This summer has been memorable because

The other interns have provided great support and laughs throughout the summer. Regardless of where we end up, I’m stoked to have made new friends (both interns and people at the bank). Especially because they are all happy to talk all things economics without getting bored! 

Why I would recommend the internship to others

From day one, the people at the Bank have been welcoming and friendly. The Bank also sets you up with a support base by assigning you a buddy. My buddy went above and beyond to ensure I enjoyed my time here. Also everyone here wants to see you achieve your best and will make time to answer your questions or talk to you about what they do. So in the wise words of Shia LaBeouf; “Just do it.”