Denham Watson

Summer Intern
Denham Watson

Team: BAS (Banking and AML/CFT Supervision)

University: The University of Auckland

Studying: Economics, Finance, Law

Why I chose to apply for a RBNZ summer internship

I’ve been fascinated with economics since high school, out of a desire to understand the (currently unfolding) Great Recession. I further enjoyed economics classes at high school and university, and got the chance to shadow some work at the RBNZ Auckland office during my undergraduate years. I found it excited, so decided to apply for an intern role!

What work I’ve been doing as a summer intern

I was placed in the Banking team as part of the Supervision department, which oversees banks to ensure financial stability. My main project involved reviewing compliance with the Directors’ Attestation Regime, which requires directors to state, in biannual disclosure statements, how their bank is compliant with relevant regulations.

What else I’ve been involved in at the Bank

I’ve been engaged in a range of other activities across the bank. Within Supervision, I’ve been in meetings with financial start-ups seeking to become licensed, internal meetings around RBNZ’s governance and new statutory framework, to external meetings with bank directors around routine compliance.

Outside of Supervision, I’ve joined in on guest lectures, meetings, and briefings across all departments, notably economics and financial markets.

This summer has been memorable because

RBNZ has always got interesting work and activities going on!

I’ve learnt a lot and gained a great deal of exposure to a wide range of activities you don’t realise the bank performs.

More importantly, the people at the bank are all friendly and open, in addition to being highly intelligent. It’s great fun going around and seeing all the different work people are engaging in. The other interns are likewise amazing, and it’s been great making new friends!

Why I would recommend the internship to others

You’ll meet awesome new people, get to spend time in a new city, and learn so much. One day you might be joining in a banking steering group meeting to discuss banking regulations, to weekly updates on action in financial markets, to economic analysis of COVID-19 policy, or meetings about developing organisational culture. The breadth of activities exposes you to a wide range of knowledge, from your typical economics and finance, to law, culture, and corporate governance!