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Only a photocopy of your official academic transcript will be accepted. Your application will not be processed without this document. If you don’t have access to an official copy, then a computer print-out stamped and signed by an official at your University will be accepted. However, if you progress further through the graduate/summer programme process, you’ll need to provide a copy of your official transcript.

You are eligible to apply for the programme as you are nearing the end of your qualification. For example, if you will finish studying in July 2019, you should apply for the 2019 graduate programme.

No. Those not completing postgraduate qualifications are not eligible to apply for the summer or graduate programme.
The Maori & Pacific Islands scholarship is only open to those who have completed their first year at University (100 level) with a B+ average.

Graduates will join a team from one of the following: Economics. Supervision, Financial Markets, Financial System Policy and Analysis or Statistics. There are a range of tasks and responsibilities you'll be involved in, as there are a variety of teams within these departments.

Read an example of a job description (PDF 28KB)

For further information please contact
Human Resources Adviser
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