Macro-prudential indicators

The Reserve Bank monitors a range of indicators to inform its assessment of financial system risk, and to assist in appraising whether a policy response is appropriate. The chart pack, updated quarterly, presents some of the key macro-prudential indicators.

The Financial Stability Reports that discuss these indicators are available from our Financial Stability Report page.

Macro-prudential statistics

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September 2016

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December 2015

October 2015

The Reserve Bank has introduced changes to the macro-prudential indicator (MPI) chartpack. The objective of these changes is to increase the link between the chartpack and macro-prudential decisions by

  1. introducing more indicators of sectoral risk-taking and asset market dynamics (including those that have been relevant for decisions on the LVR speed limit) and
  2. changing the organisation of the indicators so there is a clearer link between each indicator and the tool(s) it relates to.

December 2014

September 2014

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