Payment and settlement system FAQs

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You can find some information in the Payment operations area of this website. Back issues of the Reserve Bank Bulletin are another good source for finding articles on a specific topic. You can find recent issues on this website.

Here are links to a few articles:

Stinson, A and Wolyncewicz, M (2003) Recent developments in the payment system

Hampton, T (1999) Intra-day liquidity and real-time gross settlement - 18 months on

DeSourdy, L (1999) New legislation on netting and payments finality

White, B (1998) Payment system reform in New Zealand: the start of real-time gross settlement

The Executives’ Meeting of East-Asia Pacific Central Banks (EMEAP) have published Payment Systems in EMEAP Economies (PDF 1.95MB), commonly referred to as the EMEAP Red Book. The Red Book describes payment and settlement systems in the 11 member economies of EMEAP.

You can also find useful international information produced by the Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems at the Bank for International Settlements under the publications section of their website. Recently they have published “A glossary of terms used in payment and settlement systems” and “Core principles for systemically important payment systems”.