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These frequently asked question (FAQ) pages are designed to help answer some of those questions people ask on a regular basis which are not always easy to find answers to. We will update these regularly to keep up with current areas of interest. Feel free to email us if you cannot find an answer here to any question you might have.
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The Reserve Bank does not have shareholders. It is 100 percent owned by the New Zealand government, with any extra revenue that the Reserve Bank makes going back into the Crown accounts. The Reserve Bank is not a government department, but is a body corporate whose finances are included in the Crown accounts.

New Zealand Central Securities Depository Limited (NZCSD) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. NZCSD does not actually trade, but acts as the legal (registered) owner of securities that are beneficially owned by members of the NZClear real-time settlement system. Read more about NZClear and NZCSD.

Members of the NZClear system include banks, fund managers, custodians, trustee companies, investment funds and insurance companies etc. Currently the value of all securities in NZCSD’s name is $245 billion, including shares with a market value of about $50 billion.

The Reserve Bank and NZCSD do not have a beneficial interest in these securities, with the ownership rights and investment risk lying with the beneficial owners, who are free to deal with the securities in the system.

NZCSD is merely a custodian trustee which administers the shares on behalf of the beneficial owners, with the NZClear system allowing beneficial owners to electronically settle transactions of the securities that have been lodged into NZCSD’s name.

No. The Reserve Bank is the central bank of New Zealand and does not offer personal banking facilities. We suggest you contact a New Zealand registered bank or financial institution.

For an overview of the Bank, see what we do. For information on the governance and accountability of the Reserve Bank, see the Briefing on the Reserve Bank, prepared to brief the incoming Minister of Finance on the Bank’s role and functions.
Go to the Our legislation page. You will find links to the Reserve Bank Act and the amendment acts on the New Zealand Legislation website.

You can download a PDF of the booklet, which guides you through the different types of investment risk, explains why investment risk is not necessarily a bad thing, and gives tips on how to reduce risk.

By contacting Computershare Investor Services at Private Bag 92119 Auckland. The telephone number for Kiwi Bond enquiries is 0800 655 494 and the fax number is 09 488 8775. Email address is [email protected]. Kiwi Bond interest rates are set by the NZ Debt Management Office on their website. The Reserve Bank ceased being the registrar for Kiwi Bonds on 20 December 2004. All enquiries should now be directed to the above contacts rather than the RBNZ.
Yes. There are other NZ$ denominated investments offered by the New Zealand government. You should contact your stockbroker or financial adviser for information on how to purchase them.
Yes. Published Reserve Bank information may be used without restriction, but acknowledgement would be appreciated.

From Statistics New Zealand. Their website contains a lot of useful information on New Zealand's balance of payments.

From the New Zealand Debt Management Office. Their website contains information on NZ's foreign currency credit rating and also about the NZ debt market.