School Visits

 The Reserve Bank Museum and Education Centre is closed until further notice while asbestos remediation work is carried out to the Reserve Bank building.
The Reserve Bank Museum can provide free educational programmes for two different types of school groups – senior students studying economics, as well as Year 5 to 13 students interested in a general introduction to money and economic literacy.

Senior students

We regularly give presentations to groups of senior students about the work of the Reserve Bank. Your class will be most welcome.

These presentations are held in our museum on the ground floor of the Bank and last for 45 minutes to an hour. Usually, we have two of our new graduates presenting − so they are in touch with the current university scene and our interview process.

Topics covered are:

The functions of the Reserve Bank

  • Issuing currency
  • Maintaining financial stability
  • Inflation targeting (including what is inflation, costs of inflation, OCR decision making)

Working at the Reserve Bank (including interview process)

We can also add other topics that you may suggest.

We like to make the sessions interesting and informative, with interaction between presenters and students. So we expect the students to answer our questions and ask questions of us.

There is also the Bank's museum with interesting displays about the history of the Bank and the NZ monetary system. So we suggest you plan some extra time for your students to have a look at that. Read About the Reserve Bank Museum.

Enquiries about class visits for senior students to the Reserve Bank in Wellington can be forwarded to

Year 5 to 13 students

These sessions are held in our museum on the ground floor of the Reserve Bank building in Wellington. They last for 45 minutes to one hour, with the session usually consisting of a general quiz, with prizes for correct answers and good questions, followed by a short guided tour of the museum.

Topics covered in the quiz include:

  • What is money?
  • The history of money
  • New Zealand's banknotes and coins
  • Counterfeit measures
  • Main functions of the Reserve Bank
  • Inflation targeting – what is inflation and costs of inflation? and
  • Maintaining financial stability

Enquiries about class visits for Year 5 to 13 students should be made by email to