Monetary Policy Challenge

Team resources

To help you develop your monetary policy decision, we’ve brought together a series of team resources.

Monetary Policy Challenge
MPC 2019
Monetary Policy Challenge 2018 winners
Watch the winning presentation from Auckland Grammar, 2nd place presentation from Mt Albert Grammar and third place presentation from Macleans College at the 2018 national final of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Monetary Policy Challenge (MPC).

Background information

Monetary policy and inflation

To compete in the Monetary Policy Challenge, teams need to understand what price stability, inflation (and deflation) are, and how monetary policy acts to control inflation in the New Zealand economy.


When setting monetary policy it is important to consider what the future path of the economy might look like. Economists use forecasting to build up a picture of how demand and inflation pressures may evolve in the future.


This section explains some of the economic terms you're likely to come across while participating in the Monetary Policy Challenge. It also provides some tips on understanding and using statistics.

Policy assessment

The following materials will assist you in developing your team’s decision and online presentation slides:

Policy assessment considerations - A basic guide to setting out the analysis for your decision that identifies some key areas you should include.

Judging criteria for presentations


Presentation tip sheet - These tips can help fine-tune your presentation skills and ensure your Power Point slides are of a high standard.

National final presentations - See examples of previous Monetary Policy Challenge presentations.


The data provided will help you formulate your Official Cash Rate decision and policy assessment.

 The information contained on this website has been specifically created for the Monetary Policy Challenge. As a result, some of the information and technical content relating to monetary policy formulation has been simplified and may not reflect current Reserve Bank of New Zealand practice.