Past interns

Apostolos Fasianos

March - April 2018

Apostolos conducted a synthetic panel analysis evaluating how the effect of housing wealth on consumption is modified by household debt. Apostolos now works at the Greek Ministry of Finance.

Karam Shaar

July - September 2017

Karam used microeconometric data to investigate the impact of housing leverage on consumption, and mortgagor vulnerability and deposit affordability. This research was released as RBNZ Discussion Paper DP2018/06 and RBNZ Analytical Note AN2018/06. Karam joined the New Zealand Treasury.

Brian (Trung Duc) Tran

November - December 2017

Brian developed uncertainty measures and illustrated the impact of uncertainty shocks on New Zealand gross domestic product. Brian is completing his PhD at the University of Melbourne.

Nick Sander

June - July 2015

Nick worked on a number of projects involving the Bank’s main DSGE macro model, NZSIM. Nick Sander is completing his PhD at the University of California – Berkeley.

Gabriela Nodari

January - March 2015

Gabriela estimated a model to investigate the impact of commodity price shocks on New Zealand. Gabriela joined the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Yuelin Liu

August - October 2014

Yuelin estimated a model of endogenous labour supply for New Zealand. Yuelin became a lecturer at Sun Yat-sen University.

Benjamin Wong

August - October 2013

Ben worked on a range of topics while at the Bank, including exchange-rate pass-through. He joined the Bank on a permanent basis in 2014, and joined the Faculty of Monash University in 2018.

Burcin Kisacikoglu

July-August 2011

Burcin is joining the Reserve Bank to work on the forecast evaluation of a small, open-economy dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model. Burcin subsequently joined the faculty at Bilkent University.

Julien Albertini

July-October 2010

Julien worked on an estimated small open economy model with frictional unemployment. A co-authored, released as Reserve Bank of New Zealand Discussion Paper DP2011/04. Julien is now a lecturer at the Université d'Evry.

Nicolas Groshenny

July-August 2008

During his internship Nicolas worked on ‘limited-information estimation of DSGE models in the frequency domain’. Nicolas joined the Reserve Bank in 2009 and is now a faculty member at the University of Adelaide.