Bank culture

Work/life balance

The Reserve Bank values its people. We try to approach work/life balance in ways that support the needs of both the Bank and the individual. We have a number of arrangements that include the ability to use a car park from time to time, flexible leave arrangements, working from home arrangements, and are always open to considering ways to help a staff member manage the various demands that can occur in juggling careers with other commitments.

Internal communication

The Bank encourages employees to engage in open communication and a means to do this is through the internal intranet known as ‘The Vault’. The Vault contains a wealth of information for employees on the Bank’s policies, regular news articles on Bank events and items of interest, internal announcements and the staff noticeboard.

On a monthly basis the Bank holds the ‘Governor’s Update’ where the Governor and specific departments provide employees with updates of what activities have occurred over the month’s and the morning tea that follows gives employees an opportunity to interact with each other.

Employees are also encouraged to work collegially on a range of projects, committees and user groups.

Learning and development

Developing our people is important to us both to assist in career development and to build and grow the Bank’s human resource capability.

We aim to provide an average of 20 hours’ training for employees each year.

We offer courses and coaching to support development of interpersonal, professional and managerial skills’ and we try to assist our staff to build and develop their skills in their area of expertise.

New staff will have the opportunity to attend a Bank induction programme. This includes presentations from the Governor and department representatives.


As part of our desire to help our staff develop, we sometimes offer secondment opportunities to other central banks, offshore organisations, New Zealand government departments or private sector organisations. These secondments normally last between one and two years.

Sometimes we are also able to offer shorter opportunities working in developing countries for the IMF or the World Bank for periods of around six weeks.

These opportunities give our people the opportunity to gain experience in their specialist field and to experience working in other cultures, as well as building an international network of colleagues.

We are also interested in hearing from people who would like to be seconded to us. We value the diversity of thought that this brings to our organisation.

Health, safety and wellbeing

The Bank is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for all employees. Our focus is to keep employees safe in the workplace and we aim to broaden people's skills, improve their awareness, and encourage their involvement in Health and Safety.

The Bank also recognises the importance of the wellness of its employees, and staff have access to EAP Counselling Services for work − and home − related personal issues.

The Bank also runs an annual Health Week, which offers a range of activities that focuses on the health and wellness of employees.

Social scene

The Bank has a friendly and open environment. We encourage people to work together and we like to have fun and celebrate our achievements.

There is an active social club that organises activities throughout the year. Over the last few years these activities have included Mid-Year Ball, Quiz Nights, Melbourne Cup night, and a Christmas party for children of Bank staff.

There are sports teams organised by people in the Bank. These include indoor netball and touch rugby. We also have a run (or you can walk) each year for Bank staff called the Trot around the Bot (a walk/run around the Botanical Gardens).

Dress policy

The Bank operates on a tidy casual dress code, confining business attire to being only compulsory where visitors or meeting attendees would expect it or where the occasion warrants it.

Staff benefits

We offer employees access to a range of benefits at the Bank. Some of these are provided through the employee’s total remuneration package.

  • Access to flexible leave
  • Corporate discounts on Medical Insurance
  • Wellness benefit
  • Leasing of a car-park
  • Health Week, flu shots and mole and spot checks
  • Paid leave and ex-gratia payments for staff on parental leave

International candidates

The Bank is interested in international candidates and may on a case-by-case basis provide some relocation assistance.

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