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Logging in to RBNZ Service Portal

How to log in to the Box Service Help Desk portal to see your requests and / or approvals.

Service Requestors and Compliance Officers must log in to the Box Service Help Desk portal, so that RBNZ can assign items directly to them for approval. By logging in they can view the detail of their requests, see their pending approvals and approve or decline requests. E.g. A request raised by external managed user requesting folder access.

Other managed users have the option to either create an account to log in when they submit a request OR to submit a request without logging in. If you chose not to log in you will need to provide an email address on the form so that you can be emailed updates as our Help Desk actions your request.

Requests raised by an external user will go to their Service Requestor(s) or Compliance Officer for approval. These will be assigned by the Help Desk and the Service Requestor or Compliance Officer will receive an email notification to approve the ticket. Please see Approving Help Desk requests for more information.

Sign up to RBNZ Service Portal

  1. Select the Log in button in the top right side of the Portal screen
  2. Select the Sign up near the bottom of the Log in screen
  3. Enter the same email address you use to log in Box File Transfer Service and click Send link

  4. A link will be sent to your email address to verify your account.
  5. Click Sign up from the verification email
  6. Next you will be asked to enter your name and email address
  7. You are now registered!
  8. You can log in to Box Service Help Desk portal by clicking on Log in

Viewing your requests

By logging into your account, all of your requests can be viewed in one place.

  1. If you sign up and log in, you can view the detail and progress of their requests by clicking Requests
  2. If you choose to not sign in, all requests will need to be managed via email. You can still can make comments on your tickets by replying to the emails.