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Navigating Box File Transfer Service

The home page and navigation within a folder, including the file retention policy.

Folders are created in Box File Transfer Service for a specific file sharing purpose, between an external organisation and the relevant RBNZ business unit. Access to the folder and permission level within it are granted to the required people only. This ensures only the people with a business interest will have access, as relevant.

Not everyone will have the same access in Box File Transfer Service, some people may see many folders and other people may only see a few. Access levels within folders can vary too, for example some people may only be able to view, and not upload or download files in some folders.

Folder creation and access are managed centrally. Any new folders or changes to existing folders can be requested by RBNZ staff only via a Box Service Help Desk request.

If you are unsure on what folder to use, please contact your BAU Contact at RBNZ for advice.



How to navigate the home page

The home page of Box shows you the top level of the folder structure that you have access to.

Left hand Menu

All files will take you to the highest level of your folder structure.

Recents will show you any files you have recently opened to view, which are still in Box.

My collections shows folders you have saved into a collection, such as Favourites.


The Search field allows you to find your folders by using key words.

Get Help

The Get Help question mark icon, on the top right of your screen gives you access to the RBNZ Secure File Transfer Portal and to user guides, trouble shooting and other help materials.

Your Profile

The Your Profile button contains links to account settings, such as notification settings.

All Files drop down

The All Files drop down can be used to quickly search for a specific folder.


Folders that you have access to will display on the homepage.

Note that some folders in Box may have “Auto” included in the folder name. These folders have automation in the background to process the files automatically out of Box. This will mean the file you have uploaded may disappear within in a few minutes.

How to navigate inside a folder

Folder names follow a naming convention: Org name - Business Purpose. Abbreviations are used to keep folder names short.


The Breadcrumbs are a navigation aid, showing you where you are in the folder structure. You can click on a folder name to quickly navigate back up the folder structure to it.

Information security classification

Each folder has a Classification assigned and only documents up to that Classification can be uploaded into that folder.


The Collections button allows you to add this folder to a collection, such as Favourites.

New +

The New + button allows you to upload files into this folder in Box by searching your computer.

Please note that while it is possible to create new folders from the New + button, we ask that you do not do so, as all our folders are managed centrally. Any folders created in this way will be removed by Box service admins. If a new folder is required, please ask for this via a service request.


The sidebar on the right hand side of the screen displays the Sharing tab and the Details tab.

  • The Sharing tab shows the other managed users who have access to this folder and displays their access level.
  • The Details tab shows other information, such as the Classification of the folder.

You can open and close the sidebar using the > arrow icon.


Files can be displayed in list view or grid view. You can switch between these using the Grid view four squares icon.

Hovering your cursor over a file within a folder will display extra icons, such as the ellipses icon (the three dots). Clicking on the ellipses (…) icon will display the More options menu which includes actions such as Download.

Details of the file are visible in the sidebar if you click on a file to highlight it. The file Details tab shows information about the file, such as a preview of the file, its Security Classification and Properties.

File retention and deletion prevention policy

Box is for file sharing only, not for storage or collaboration.

We have a maximum file retention of ten days in Box, which means a file will be permanently deleted from Box a maximum of ten days after it was uploaded.

In some folders this time frame may be shorter than ten days, but it cannot be greater than ten calendar days. We recommend you download files shared with you as soon as possible before they are deleted.

To see the file retention time frame on a folder, click on Retention in the sidebar. In the example below, the policy is set to 10 days.