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Managing User Permissions in the RBNZ File Transfer System

Permissions for folders in the RBNZ File Transfer System (FTS) are managed by your organisation’s Service Requestor(s).

Permissions for folders in the RBNZ File Transfer System (FTS) are managed by your organisation’s Service Requestor(s). To facilitate the management of these permissions, the RBNZ Service Desk will create an export of your organisation’s current permissions which will be uploaded to a special folder within the FTS. The link to this folder, as well as the folder into which you will need to place the updated file will be provided to you by the RBNZ Service Desk as part of the service request you will need to log to make changes.

Only Service Requestors have access to the folders we use to provide and receive permission sheets. If a  user asks to be added, removed or wants access to different folders they will need to talk to one of your organisation’s Service Requestors. RBNZ Service Desk will not make any changes on behalf of a user that is not a Service Requestor - all requests from non Service Requestors will be directed to the Service Requestor and the ticket closed on our systems..

The permission sheet that is exported is deemed to be a complete and accurate reflection of permissions your entity has within the RBNZ FTS. Any changes made to these permissions are similarly deemed to reflect a complete and accurate state of permissions within the RBNZ FTS and will be imported as provided by the RBNZ Service Desk. As a result of this, we are unable to provide multiple copies of the file to multiple Service Requestors, as changes made by different people could conflict.

Always obtain a new permission sheet from the RBNZ Service Desk Team whenever you want to add, remove or change a user.  This can be obtained by logging a Service Request with the RBNZ Service Desk via the portal.

Using old permission sheets may lead to users being removed/changed as the permission sheet won't be the most current generated spreadsheet.

Process Summary

To make changes to the permissions for your organisation, follow the process below:

Create a request to Manage FTS Users via the RBNZ Portal.

A RBNZ Service Desk agent will respond with:

  • A link to download your current permissions file from, and
  • A link to where you can upload the updated permissions file

Make any Changes/Adds/Deletes you require to the provided file

Ensure you do not paste any folder names into the provided sheet, only use the drop down provided to select folders and that all email addresses are correct and do not contain characters such as “;” or “,” as this will invalidate the import

Upload the file to the link provided in the ticket

Useful Info

Permission Spreadsheets only stay on the RBNZ FTS for 24 hours. If you haven’t managed to download it by then please let us know via your request and we can generate you a new file.

We will validate all returned files for accuracy and completeness. If a file is not accurate and complete, you will be asked to correct the file and resubmit it to us. Our Service Desk agents are not able to do this on your behalf.

Detailed Instructions

Click on the link we provided to you. This will take you to the folder on the RBNZ FTS where the spreadsheet is located. Click the download arrow that is highlighted in yellow. This will download the file and place it in your downloads folder on your computer.

Locate the downloaded spreadsheet and open it in Excel, then click on “Enable Editing”

There are 3 fields for you to fill out for each user. userName, userLogin and folderName.

  • Column A “userName” is the name of the user you are adding to the folder.
  • Column B “userLogin” is the email of the user you are adding.
  • Column C “folderName” is for each report/survey the user will need access to.

FolderName is a dropdown list of folders available to your organisation - choose from the list to grant access to the user. Do not paste anything into this column as it may invalidate your import.

Folders will have either a “From RBNZ” or “To RBNZ” after the name of the Report/Survey. From RBNZ is used to receive files from RBNZ, and To RBNZ is used to send file to RBNZ.

You can have more than one user on a folder and more than one folder for a user.

Don’t change the users for the User Access List. This is where your permission list goes. Normal users should not have access to this folder.

Once you made your required changes, upload the spreadsheet into the upload link in your request and inform us via the RBNZ Service Desk portal that you have returned the file. The RBNZ Service Desk Team will download, validate and action the requested changes.

Every time the permission spreadsheet gets upload it will update the permissions for the RBNZ FTS so it is vitally important that you only use the latest generated spreadsheet that is linked in your Manage Users Request. If you are unsure, please feel free to request a new file!