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Can I add a folder into the folders I have permissions for?

No. Folders made by user will be deleted and lost when Box runs a check. Folders are programmed in by RBNZ. Unprogrammed folders will be deleted

Can I add or remove a folder in Box?

Only RBNZ staff can request new folders. If you think you require a new folder, please get in touch with your BAU RBNZ contact.

What security classifications of information can we share using Box File Transfer Service?

Box File Transfer Service is approved for files classified as Unclassified, In-confidence, Sensitive or Restricted.

Please see the Information Security Classifications guide for more information.

Can I upload a file into a folder which does not have the same classification?

No, each folder has only one classification applied. While the file resides in that folder, that classification will be applied.

What is a managed user?

A person who has been on-boarded onto the RBNZ File Transfer Service with an individual, dedicated email address and have an account created for their use. Shared or group emails are not able to be used as a log in email address.

Can we use a group email to log in to Box File Transfer Service?

No – unfortunately our security policies will not allow anyone to log into Box with a group or shared email address.

Will there be exceptions to the 10 day maximum file retention?

Some folders may have a shorter file retention, but no folders can have more than 10 days.

Please see the Navigation user guide for more information.

Do you get notification that a file has been shared?

Yes, an email notification will be sent to the people with access to this folder, telling them that they have a new task. There is no action to perform, this task is for information only.

How soon will other people be able see the file I have uploaded into box?

The file will be visible to the other users almost instantaneously.

Can we use Box for any other purpose e.g. collaboration?

No. Box Service is only for file transfer, not storage or collaboration.

What are the different access levels in Box?

Please see the Roles and responsibilities user guide.

I need help, where do I go?

Please see the Box Service Help Desk portal user guide for more information or log a request with RBNZ Service Portal.

I uploaded the wrong file into Box. What do I do?

Files uploaded in error can be deleted by the system administrator.

Please log a request with RBNZ Service Portal. If this is a security or information breach advise the Help Desk of this.

Can I use Box File Transfer Service to share files with anyone?

No. Only managed users can access Box File Transfer Service and each folder is only accessible by authorised people.

Can I add or remove a person from Box?

Please log a request with RBNZ Service Portal which will go to your Service requester for approval.

What are some IT things I need to know?

Before an organisation is onboarded into Box File Transfer Service we provide an IT fact sheet for your organisation IT contact. RBNZ needs to be notified of users accessing the service outside NZ or Australia.

Will my access expire if I don’t use Box often?

You will be asked to reset your password every 90 days. Please ensure you login at least once during each 90 period to keep your account active. Inactive users will be reviewed and any users no longer requiring access will be removed.

What is MFA and why do I need to use the Authenticator app?

MFA stands for Multi Factor Authentication and is another way of identifying yourself - beyond login and password - used by many organisations and cloud-based systems. It is an important security measure to keep our information safe. It will help us to make sure we are not vulnerable to security threats, that our information and data is secure and reduce risk.

The Authenticator app is the safest way to perform MFA. The app is more secure than receiving an MFA text message because it's a lot easier for a hacker to gain access to your text messages. It is harder for them to gain physical access to your phone, in order for them to be able to use the app.

Please see the Setting up Multi Factor Authentication for Box File Transfer Service user guide for more information.

I already have a Box account. Can I use that?

If you already have a Box account, please contact the RBNZ Service Portal for advice.