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Only the Compliance Officer can make this request

To Add a New Service Requester.

Go to this form: 

Service Requester details when on-boarding a new organisation

Fill out each field as follows:

  1. This is the email on the Service Requester so they get a sign up to JIRA email.

  2. Name of Organisation this Service Requester will be responsible for.
  3. Service Requesters email address. No personal emails like @gmail, @outlook, @yahoo etc…
  4. Any phone or mobile number that the BOX Service Team can use if emails fail.
  5. Any additional details that we may need. Example; Person is on leave until XXXX date so may not respond to emails.
  6. Any attachments we have asked for, if any, or anything you may think we will need.

Once all fields have been filled just click send at the bottom.