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About our new website

Nau mai, haere mai. Welcome to our new website. Find out about why we have made a new website and see some of its new features. 

Our new website

Welcome to our new website, which has been designed to better support our purpose of enabling economic wellbeing and prosperity for all New Zealanders. 

Our new website is part of our ongoing work to modernise our approach to communication and engagement across a wider range of channels, including digital channels. As stated in our 2021-2024 Statement of Intent, we are committed to being relevant, open, and inclusive.

Our website is the primary way New Zealanders interact with their central bank, and our primary channel for communicating, with over 1.3 million users accessing the site in 2021. Our previous website was based on a platform which is soon-to-be out of support, and did not enable the functionality and engagement people expected of a modern website. Our new website delivers a digital experience that accommodates the diverse and dynamic needs of our broad audiences. It also provides content and data that enables responsive and informed decision-making, and empowers people to translate information into knowledge in ways which are meaningful to them.

Key features & benefits

Our new website is designed to make it easier to find and understand information for the broad range of people who visit it. We’ve:

  • created a powerful search function
  • improved the navigation
  • refreshed content into plain language
  • created interactive graphs
  • improved accessibility.

It’s built on a secure platform that meets high security requirements so we can safely publish our information.

We will continue to improve and enhance the site over the coming months.

More information

For more information please contact [email protected]