Statistics news and updates

From time to time the Reserve Bank will make changes to the statistical tables and data we publish. We will provide an overview of any major changes and the planned work programme on this page.

June 2017 – Latest Statistics Update email

The Reserve Bank Statistics Update email provides an overview of the latest changes and our planned work programme. We welcome your feedback. Please provide comments to

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June 2017 – Roll-out of new presentation of data in Excel files

Over the next few months we will continue to roll-out the new format for our Excel data files to the Reserve Bank’s statistical data tables. The most notable change in the Excel data files are data presented in vertical format with no extra columns, bold numbers, merged cells or any other formatting. This will make it easier for data users to transform the file into other ‘machine friendly’ formats such as .csv. Extra tabs also contain supplementary information about the table and the data.

June 2017 – Review of interest rates data collection

We have discontinued the publication of effective mortgage rates, business lending rate (table B3) and debt servicing series (table C21) as the new Bank Balance Sheet survey does not collect interest rates. The technical note provides more information about the new Bank Balance Sheet survey.

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Read the technical note (PDF 673KB)

We intend to extend other Reserve Bank data collections to provide higher quality interest rate data. In the meantime, you may consider other interest rate series published in table B3 or data published by as suitable alternatives. We would welcome your feedback on your interest rate information needs. Please email your comments to

May 2017 – Changes to Household Balance Sheet statistics

The March 2017 quarter publication of the Household Balance Sheet statistics (tables C21, C22) includes revisions to a number of items in the balance sheet and the overall net wealth of the household sector. The technical note outlines the main changes to the household sector assets and liabilities and the impact on previously published data.

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April 2017 - New Banking Sector Balance Sheet Statistics

The Reserve Bank has begun publishing new monthly statistics from the Bank Balance Sheet Survey that will provide greater insights into the structure of the banking system. The SSR tables have been discontinued.

New residential mortgage interest rates - B20
Sector credit (registered banks and non-bank lending institutions) - C5
Money and credit aggregates (depository corporations) - C50
Banks: Balance sheet ($m) - S10
Banks: Assets – Loans by sector ($m) - S30
Banks: Assets – Loans by purpose ($m) - S31
Banks: Assets – Loans by product ($m) - S32
Banks: Assets – Loans fully secured by residential mortgage by repricing ($m) - S33
Banks: Assets – Loans by industry ($m) - S34
Banks: Liabilities – Deposits by sector ($m) - S40
Banks: Liabilities – Deposits by industry ($m) - S41

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